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The House

Shophouse26 is a playful rethinking of a vernacular building typology local to Southeast Asia. Located steps away from the BTS Sky train, this hotel lies within the multi-cultural fabric of Phra Khanong neighborhood. A project co-hosted two designers with enthusiasm for art and photography, shophouse26 offers 5 rooms, each with simple luxuries and a character of its own.

The Shop

Singlelane opened its first coffeeshop in Bangkok in 2018. Their coffee is always changing; it draws ideas from everywhere, always reinterpreting and evolving, but with the roots in Thai ingredients and techniques of all times.


We accept booking exclusively through Airbnb.

For special booking requests, please send us a message on our Airbnb page below.


Bangkok can be a tough city to navigate through espicially on a first visit. We prepared some simple guide to make your visit a little easier on the contacts page.

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